Long Story made Short

Shortly after the experience with the Paxil, the doctor sent me to an Internist.   He ordered a bunch of tests all of which came back normal.  He couldn’t find anything wrong with me.   By this time it took everything within me to even leave the town I live in.  I couldn’t go into stores and if I did manage it I couldn’t stand in line ups.  I still didn’t know what was going on.  I would get shaky, feel out of kilter, have a hard time focusing, feeling clammy, nauseated, etc.  I didn’t know where to turn to for help.  I went from being a very active person to only being at home or at work.  I was always making excuses to people to get out of doing activities.

This went on for a few years.  Things got a little better as time went on as I would force myself to do things regardless of how bad I felt. It would take every ounce of energy and often this would leave me feeling pretty beat up.

Finally I went to a different doctor and I was diganosed with panic disorder with agoraphobia.

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One Response to Long Story made Short

  1. As SOON as I read your previous post the first thing I thought was ‘panic disorder’! I couldn’t believe the doctor didn’t realise!

    It’s probably partly because I was diagnosed with the same thing though (the benefit of insight). I didn’t realise we shared this! I developed panic disorder (and agoraphobia) at university in 2002. It was pretty awful for a few years, but is a lot better now. Although saying that the current stressful situation isn’t helping!

    Am off to find out what Paxil is …

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