I must admit it was really nerve wracking, the thought of seeing a therapist.  The day of my first appointment I couldn’t concentrate at all at work.  That hasn’t changed much to this day.  I would have thought that I would have gotten used to it by now.  We spent the appointment doing an assessment.  I wasn’t very forth coming in most of my answers.   I don’t trust people enough to divulge anything too personal right off the bat.  It was a pleasant enough of a visit and so consented to another appointment.  I also knew that this program was mostly short term so I felt fairly safe with that.  My problem is that when I start something I tend to be loyal to it even if it is bad news.

I knew that I needed to come to terms with my diagnoses particularly since I hadn’t even heard of it before.  So I dove in the world of the internet to try to figure it out.  I was surprised to see all the info on it.  It was most amazing to read other peoples stories about it.  I wasn’t the only one after all.  But it didn’t make me feel any better about it.  I just couldn’t believe that this happened to me.  It was like it just happened out of the blue.  But I know now that isn’t true.

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2 Responses to Therapist

  1. You do? What do you know now that you didn’t before?

    It seemed out of the blue for me too. I’m still not sure why it happened. It is so frustrating sometimes – to feel like it is totally out of my control. When you say you couldn’t believe it happened to you – this was my experience too. I am really interested to find out what happened next!

  2. Neloran says:

    I can relate to being unable to focus at work on days you know you have therapy. It hasn’t gone away completely for me either!


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