Still Searching for a Therapist

In this letter I got from the counsellor who thought I needed more supports in my life was the suggestion that I see a psychiatrist.  So the doctor sent a referral to the one she thought that I should see.  I had to wait for about a month before I could get in to see him.  In the meantime it was suggested that I make an appointment to see a therapist at the mental health clinic.  So here I go again.  This also turned out to be quite the experience.

I once again made an appointment with the intake counsellor.  Just to clarify, there is a mental health clinic in the town where I live but I know almost everyone who works there.  For that reason I decided that I would travel to the clinic in the city which is about 80 minutes from where I live.  Even though it is in a different location we are all in the same health region.  I phoned the clinic and talked to the intake counsellor.  He asked a few questions such as where I lived and what I was seeking help for.  So I told him where I lived and needed help with the agoraphobia and panic. I didn’t get into to many other details with him.  He then proceeded to try to talk me out of coming to the clinic.  He told me that I should go to the local clinic particularly since I had agoraphobia.  I said that I couldn’t go to the clinic in my town since I knew the office workers and one of the two counsellors that worked there. I  also told him  that I had been working hard on the agoraphobia and could get to the clinic.

He asked me to give what he said some consideration.  I was too taken aback to say much at that moment and so just left it at that.  My doctor had left town by this time so I contacted the therapist that I was seeing at the doctor’s office.  I explained what had happened and she too was surprised.  She told me that I had a right to see a therapist at that clinic.  She herself phoned the manager of the clinic. I was thankful that someone finally was helping me through this process.  She then said to phone the intake person again and make an appointment.  This time I insisted when I phoned and so finally I had an appointment to see him in a months time of course.

Who knew that this process of finding a counsellor could be so hard.  But when I look back those two years ago I realize that I was willing on some level to fight for myself.

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One Response to Still Searching for a Therapist

  1. Harriet says:

    It seems to me that you know yourself best and if you think you can make it to that clinic you should be given an appointment. Maybe they’ve had bad experiences with people who haven’t been able to show up after they have been scheduled. I had a therapist once who went to people’s homes if they couldn’t make it to her office, but that’s beside the point. Good luck.

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