The Letter is Written

I finally wrote my letter. It was a very hard thing to do.  Thank you everyone for your suggestions.  I looked at the comments as I was writing to help me along.  To my surprise it ended up being three pages long. I’m not sure that everything I wrote then I would believe today.  But that is how my mind works at times. My T also wrote a letter to me about my progress in therapy.

The day that I had my session was very stressful.  I am always rather stressed anyway before my session which is in the evening after my workday.  On this particular day I also booked a hair appointment for the early afternoon.  The salon is a half hour down the road opposite of my therapy appointment. So that means a two-hour trip to get to my session. I booked the hair appointment early enough to give me enough time to travel.  Well I got to the hair appointment and she was running an hour behind.  My stress level shot right up. I almost cancelled my appointment right then and there but she is going on maternity leave and wouldn’t be able to reschedule.

Anyway to make a long story short, I ended up being about 15 minutes late for my therapy session.  I really don’t like being late for anything but I guess this couldn’t be helped and it wasn’t a big deal to my T.

I sat down and we chit chatted for a few minutes so I could try to settle down. I probably should have taken a clonazepam but I really don’t like to take them when I have to drive long distances.  They relax me but also make me somewhat stoned.

My T and I exchanged our letters.  As I read mine and she read hers we were both kind of amazed.  We wrote almost exactly the same thing about me only in different words and styles.  This at least confirms to me that I am not in left field in how I am seeing myself and what I think I’m learning.  I must say though, I found it weird to read what someone had written about me.  And I also have to say I’m extremely glad I am finished with that homework!


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4 Responses to The Letter is Written

  1. Harriet says:

    Congrats! I’m so glad you were able to write the letter, and that you had a good session with your t, even though it was delayed. It’s good to feel validated, isn’t it?

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