I hate dreams. I love dreams.  Some days I wish I didn’t dream.  There are some very annoying and disturbing dreams that I have on a regular basis.  Some of these dreams can be nightmares and some are just plain frustrating.  Here is a list of some of the frustrating dreams that I have.

When I was a kid one of the more frequent dreams I had was that I would be walking along a road when I would come to a hill.  I would try to walk up the hill but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t get up it.  I would try hanging on to the guard rail and pull myself up or I would try to crawl up but nothing worked. I would just keep slipping back. I would spend the entire dream trying to get up the hill.  I haven’t had this dream since I became an adult.

Another dream I have is there is an emergency happening and I am trying to phone for help and I can’t dial the numbers right. But I keep trying and trying. This will go on for as long as the dream lasts. I have many dreams like this with different scenarios.  I will wake up extremely frustrated when I have this dream.

A dream that I often have is my mouth is full of gum.  It is stuck to my teeth and filling my mouth.  I will spend the entire dream pulling the gum out of my mouth and from my teeth but it is never-ending.  Kind of like when a magician keeps pulling a scarf out of his sleeve. Very annoying.

One dream that I dream around four times a week is more of a nightmare.  There are men (or aliens) with weapons after me.  With this dream I spend the entire time running and trying to hide. Usually they are always on the verge of finding me and the hiding places are never quite good enough.  On occasion they do capture me and that’s when the dream gets vague.

I don’t know anything about dream interpretation.  I’m not even sure if these dreams are connected to real life stuff.  I just wished that I didn’t dream them.  I wonder if there is a way to stop these types of dreams or if I am stuck with them for the rest of my life.  I do have dreams that I enjoy and I would like to have more of them then the frustrating ones.  Maybe as I continue on my healing journey the crappy dreams will drop away.

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2 Responses to Dreams

  1. The dreams that you describe are all pretty common deams.

    In your case, they all seem to be about being frustrated or not having control over something.

    If you deal with whatever it is that is frustrating you or take some more control over what is going on in your life, the dreams might go away.

    • lostinamaze says:

      This would make sense. I am often fustrated, usually with myself. As I work on myself I’m glad there is a chance those dreams will go away. Thank you for stopping by.

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