A while ago my T mentioned EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to me.  What a mouthful that is. She mentioned in passing that maybe we should try this out.  Then in my last session she bought it up again.  This time it wasn’t just in passing.  She really wants to try it.  She said something about doing the EMDR for three sessions with the anger work we are doing.

I must admit when she mentioned it I looked at her rather skeptically.  It sounded hokey to me.  I have heard of it but really don’t know much about it.  My biggest fear about this kind of stuff is that it might mess my mind up.  I’m sure it’s an irrational fear but I tend to be very mistrustful.  So now I am on a quest for knowledge about EDMR because I don’t want to just dismiss it out of hand.  If there is a possibility that it will help me without harming me than I would give it a shot.

I googled EMDR and there is a lot of info out there on it.  Now for the task of wading through all the info and figuring out what is legit and what isn’t.  On the other hand I haven’t yet seen anything bad written about it so far.  I don’t know anyone who has experienced it personally to ask what they thought of it.

I talked to my family doc about it and she said that they learned about it in med school and that it was considered legitimate. She thought that it might be worth a try.  Hmm we’ll see.

We were going to discuss it further at my therapy appointment this week but it got cancelled again.  I was told she got called away with a family emergency. I haven’t heard from my T since so I hope every thing is ok.  I’m feeling jinxed these days.

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2 Responses to EMDR

  1. Freely Floating says:

    I hope you hear from your T soon..I’m sorry that you had another cancelled appointment! The only thing I’ve ever heard about EMDR is that it’s still controversial, but all that matters is if it works for you. Besides, if it’s effectiveness is being debated, that means that it worked for enough people that it can’t be totally thrown out. :] Thinking of you!

    • lostinamaze says:

      I finally heard from my T today and she re-booked the appointment for next week. Hopefully it will happen. I am leaning toward trying the EMDR but we will probably discuss it next session.

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