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I am a stranger.  I didn’t recognize myself tonight as I sat in the room with my t.  In fact this strange me appeared the moment I sat in my car to go to my appointment.  I remained a stranger … Continue reading

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Back to Therapy part three

I take another leap. And I cringe as the words spill out of my mouth. “I need to know what therapy will look like” “I can’t handle being told without warning about taking a break” “I just can’t do it … Continue reading

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Back to Therapy part two

I walk into a strange place.  Something is different.  Then I noticed that the walls are bare.  I comment on it and she tells me that the walls were painted a few days ago.  She just got back from a … Continue reading

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Back to Therapy part one

The relationship has changed.  I knew that the moment I walked in.   Boundaries have been changed.  Hers and mine. Boundaries have been drawn like a line in the sand.  I can sense that parts of me are not going to … Continue reading

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I have said so much here.  But when I think of tomorrow’s session (assuming it will happen) my mind is blank.  There is so much and yet nothing. I feel far from real.  

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Does it Matter?

In my job I read a lot of info about other people.  Most of it is public knowledge, some of it well-known, some obscure.  And I’m pretty sure some of this knowledge are skeletons in people’s closets.  Then there are … Continue reading

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