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Homework Frustration

On my way to my session tonight I kept thinking that maybe I should quit therapy now instead of waiting because face it, it’s just going to end soon anyway. In all honesty I’m feeling discouraged and disconnected about/from therapy … Continue reading

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The person who was going to therapy before the break is not the person going to therapy now.  I’m trying to figure out what is going on.  I know I was hurt and I know I was angry but I … Continue reading

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Trees Everywhere

I stand in a forest, the trees surround me, tall and many.  Each tree is a decision, an option, a choice, an idea.  I turn slowly hearing each tree call out to me.  I focus on one, listening to what … Continue reading

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Mother and Child

I sit on the couch watching the television, my eyes wander, looking at the piles of paper that surround me.  I remind myself that I am no longer a part of this world.  That I can walk away at any … Continue reading

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