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Talking to Pdoc

Yesterday I had my appointment with the pdoc.  It has been a couple of months since I’ve seen him.  I have what I think is a rather weird relationship with him.  We talk for long periods about everything but me.  … Continue reading

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Right now I’m on a twenty day break from therapy.  For the last week I’ve tried to figure out how I feel about this and about therapy ending. Again. Always. It all feels rather silent inside now.  I’m glad for … Continue reading

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We chit – chatted for a few minutes before she said “I have to talk to you about something”.   I had a sudden sinking feeling and I must admit the first thing that came to my mind was “oh crap” … Continue reading

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My Plan part two

When my t told me, once again I would be able to still see her, although on a limited basis, I sat silent.  The resolve I had outside the room to say what I needed to say had been quickly … Continue reading

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My Plan

I have four sessions left. She had looked at her calendar tonight and mentioned that we had only four weeks left.  She didn’t need to tell me that.  I’m already well aware of it. I decided a few days ago … Continue reading

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A Day in my Life

I’ve been spiraling out of control since the happenings on Saturday.  It’s been all rather weird. I walked into the reception area and the secretary said that my t was running late. For some reason my heart sank, really sank.  … Continue reading

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