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Confused as Ever

I forgot today what my t and I were going to do this session until she mentioned it herself.  It seems all things have gone out of my mind except for confusion.  I’m also struggling with dissociation now.  A little … Continue reading

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We sit quietly working on the project together. We chat together about nothing really. I find this somewhat hard.  I’m not about to talk about anything in-depth and how much can I chat to my therapist and not invade her … Continue reading

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I Cried Again

My therapy session was cancelled today.  Frankly I was too tired to even care. I’ve worked thirty-three days straight.  Up to fourteen hours a day.  I have nobody to blame but myself. It has been my choice.  Now I’m going … Continue reading

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Therapy between my t and I has certainly changed.  The feel of the conversation to me is like a couple of acquaintances chatting over a cup of coffee.  Casual conversation about ‘ending’.  Weird. The casual appearance is easy since the … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

I’m the type of person that when I start something I like to finish it before I start something else.  Some examples: I read one book at a time and I need to finish it before I start another.  Even … Continue reading

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