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Letter to my Therapist

This is the letter I wrote to my t.  It is mainly about the start of my therapeutic journey until now. I am led to a dimly lit room.  Jumping with anxiety yet frozen with fear I sit in a … Continue reading

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Good Side

My last therapy session was hard.  But in many ways I’m glad it’s finally finished.  I found it extremely hard to have a long drawn out ending.  Since my first break I had stopped sharing anything deeper with her.  I … Continue reading

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Crashing Down

I feel like everything is crashing down.  Therapy has ended but something much, much worse has happened. A couple of weeks ago when I was on my way to see my pdoc I received a phone call.  My mother admitted … Continue reading

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One hundred and fourteen sessions. One hundred and fourteen sessions I had with my t. Written down it doesn’t seem like much but it feels like a lifetime in some ways.  And in some moments it feels like it never … Continue reading

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