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It was left up to me to make the next appointment with the CBT therapist.  She suggested that I make it in two weeks time.  To be fair, she left it up to me because of my work schedule.  I … Continue reading

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Just Do It

You can do it.  I have great faith that you can. I wouldn’t do this (end therapy) if I knew you couldn’t. These words were often spoken to me by my former t especially near the end of therapy.  The … Continue reading

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CBT Therapist

With some reluctance I met with the CBT therapist. The only reason I agreed was I knew we wouldn’t be talking about trauma issues.  She doesn’t do trauma and besides I’m not ready to go there.  I don’t think I … Continue reading

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Parking Lot

I typically see my pdoc once a month but the June appointment was cancelled by his secretary because of his holidays.  When he found out he promptly made a new one for me.  Apparently he wanted to see me shortly … Continue reading

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