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Clinical Supervisor

Sorry for the long post… It will take me a while to type this out.  I broke my wrist on Sunday.  Nothing major, just some small bone called the scaphoid. It is slow to heal. Now my left wrist is … Continue reading

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Nothing is going right these days.  I will admit I’m in some sort of funk. I phoned the agency where the therapist, who I contacted, worked.  I talked to the intake counsellor but for the life of me I can’t … Continue reading

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Simple is not so Simple

I’m glad my doctor’s appointment was yesterday.  Today our town had to declare a state of emergency.  There has been a raging blizzard for a couple of days with temps of -30 c and that doesn’t include the wind chill … Continue reading

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I don’t usually don’t do warnings about triggers because I don’t really know what triggers people.  I try not to talk or write  in detail mainly because I don’t like to.  But there might be some stuff in here that … Continue reading

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Second Day Conversation

My first day off was full of work trying to catch up with chores.  And of course the conversation with my brother. I decided on my second day off I would laze around.  I did have a lunch date with … Continue reading

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First Day Conversation

I really enjoyed having two days off in a row.  It’s a very rare occurrence and it’s been probably over a year since I’ve had two days off together.  Not counting my disastrous holiday that is. A couple of interesting … Continue reading

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