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Distracted, Nervous and all of the Above

On Thursday I meet with the potential new therapist.  This fact has distracted me so much I have to keep checking my calendar to see what the current day is and when my therapy appointment is. I hate when that … Continue reading

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Development upon Development

Change.  I really don’t like change.  Fast.  I don’t like when things are moving fast. It makes my head spin.  It makes me dissociative. On Tuesday I went to the doctor to have my wrist x-rayed once again.  It seems … Continue reading

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A few days after the incident where the clinical supervisor left me a message leaving her name and agency name I received a letter in the mail.  My sister picked up the mail which is out of the ordinary.  I … Continue reading

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Computer Woes

My internet time will be sporadic. The graphics card in my computer fried.  Hopefully I will have it back by the weekend.  sigh

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