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Driving home from my session I received a message, ‘dad is not expected to make through the weekend’.  I was in a vulnerable state, as usual, after a session.  Dad? Oh yah, ‘Wayne’, the man I never call ‘dad’. I … Continue reading

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Who am I?

I left her office feeling beat up and lost.  Questions swirling through my head. Who I’m I anyway?  What happened to me as a child?  These questions have been with me quietly in the background in the last few years. … Continue reading

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Simple is not so Simple

I’m glad my doctor’s appointment was yesterday.  Today our town had to declare a state of emergency.  There has been a raging blizzard for a couple of days with temps of -30 c and that doesn’t include the wind chill … Continue reading

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I don’t usually don’t do warnings about triggers because I don’t really know what triggers people.  I try not to talk or write  in detail mainly because I don’t like to.  But there might be some stuff in here that … Continue reading

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Eighth Session

She said she thought it was the best session so far.  I looked at the group member and thought “interesting, I thought it was the worst one”.  For me anyway. They talked about conflict.  Not a good topic for me.  … Continue reading

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Are You Listening? Do You Hear?

I’m not sure when I learned to stop asking people to listen to me.  Probably when I stopped asking my parents to listen to me and I don’t remember any exact moment in time when this happened.  I don’t remember … Continue reading

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We chit – chatted for a few minutes before she said “I have to talk to you about something”.   I had a sudden sinking feeling and I must admit the first thing that came to my mind was “oh crap” … Continue reading

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